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Mountain View Veterinary Surgery

Specialized Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgery

Welcome to Mountain View Veterinary Surgery!

We’re proud to serve the pets of Colorado Springs. Our team provides specialized surgical care for dogs and cats.

Our Mission

We provide specialty soft tissue surgeries with compassionate, devoted and experienced care by board-certified veterinary surgeons Dr. Michelle Morgan and Dr. Michelle Hasiuk. When you need us most, we’ll be there.

Dr. Michelle Morgan is an outstanding veterinarian; she deserves the title of “miracle worker” as well. Dr. Morgan is THE most knowledgeable, capable, skillful, and compassionate medical professional I have ever met. In early 2017, Dr. Morgan performed a very complicated and risky surgery; she removed one of my dog’s eyes, along with a metastatic mass of bone cancer that was growing behind it. It’s been almost two years since that surgery and I’m happy to report (after several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy) my dog is doing SO well with a great quality of life. I wholeheartedly believe my dog would not be here today if anyone but Dr. Morgan had performed surgery on her! She quite literally saved my dog’s life. Simply the best!!!
Sterling N.

Thank you, Dr. Morgan and staff. What a wonderful place! We struggled for two years trying to figure out whether or not to have the tie-back surgery for our labradoodle who has laryngeal paralysis. Today was the day. I can’t trust just anyone with my fur-baby. Absolutely everyone at the clinic was kind, empathetic, and positive. I felt confident about leaving my 12-year-old baby with Dr. Morgan and the techs. We just brought him home and I can’t believe how much better he is breathing. WOW! We still have to go through the recovery process, but it is amazing how much better he is doing than when we took him in this morning. We are so humbly grateful for the care given to our Beastro at this wonderful place.
Gwendolyn S.

Dr Jackie Campbell and Dr Michelle Hasiuk saved our puppy. We came to them with a rare cancer/congenital anomaly that was attached to her skull. We had already seen doctors (even in Denver), with no good answers. But Jackie and Michelle worked together, and collaborated with other experts to discuss the best care they could provide to our Clover.
Clover had her delicate surgery by Dr Michelle and is doing great. We don’t know exactly how long she will continue well, but the time gift to us was priceless. Thank you team, for caring for our Clover. ❤️
Julie M.

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